CRIME TRACKER: Less than 5% of car theft cases "solved" in Yakima County

CRIME TRACKER: Less than 5% of car theft cases "solved" in Yakima County »Play Video
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- You expect to see it when you leave the house in the morning. Only now, you're car is not there. Cars are stolen every day here in Yakima County. Now, the KIMA Crime Tracker learned very few people are getting caught.

If they want it, chances are thieves are going to take it.
And in Yakima County--chances are, you won't get it back in one piece.

"Nothing has been recovered," said victim, Robin Andreas. "Nothing"

And, no one in handcuffs. It's the tough reality for most stolen car victims in Yakima County.

In fact, of the nearly 300 cases in the county, less than 20 have been solved, or "cleared" through an arrest. That's less than 5 percent of thieves paying the price for their crime.

Robin Andreas says she's nervous each time her car is out of sight.

"We were sick," said Robin. "We were mad. Really mad. It's like, who does that?"

Other victims we talked to say they keep their car locked in the garage -- not the driveway. And while common sense will help protect you, It's not always enough.

Yakima County deputies say the drastic cuts to the department have made a big impact on clearance rates. After years of cuts, the department is stretched thin. It runs with only six deputies to cover the entire Valley.

Deputies cleared 10 percent of stolen car cases in the first half of 2011. Most of the cars taken are stripped for their parts and then dumped.