Businesses catching crooks

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YAKIMA, Wash.-- If you've ever had something stolen, a partnership between local antique stores could help you get stuff back while putting crooks behind bars.

Owners of mom and pop shops in Yakima are starting to take their own action against crooks. Doug Fadness and his wife own an antique shop in downtown Yakima. More than ever before, crooks are coming into his store and trying to sell back stolen goods.

"It's way more prevalent now," Fadness said.

A string of recent burglaries forced Yakima's antique stores into action. For the last few months, several antique shops have worked hand-in-hand--- with the goal of stopping crooks from hawking *your stolen goods.

"Four or five days later, here came the guy in here trying to sell them and he got a free ride in a police car," said Dale Lucas, who owns a neighboring antique shop.

To avoid giving out more of those free rides, the stores have increased security. When buying items, they take drivers licenses and snap a photo of the items.

"We have to be really careful about who we deal with and what we buy," Fadness said.

They're also mindful to visit each other's stores because knowing what's in them can prevent other crimes as well.

"They'll shoplift something from the guy next door and try to sell it to us," Fadness said.

It's a crime proving less profitable for crooks. Stores are helping police, but people are also helping the stores. They've had more people tell them what stolen items to look for this year, than any year before.

"People are getting really good about that, notifying us," Fadness said.

Police aren't always involved, either. Just the threat is enough to scare them off.

"We just ask them to leave and they leave," Lucas said. "They don't want to have any visitors in blue uniforms come talk to them."