Brown, dirty drinking water in Mabton

Brown, dirty drinking water in Mabton
MABTON, Wash. -- You turn on the faucet in your kitchen or bathroom and the water is brown. It's a dirty problem that's happening in Mabton.

Freddie Perales was able to fill an entire bucket with what looks more like sewage than clean water. The stream of brown isn't limited to his hose.

"Our showers, our sinks, our drinking water," said Freddie.

It makes normal tasks impossible.

"It's gross," said Freddie. "I mean you brush your teeth cause you want to have a clean mouth, but it comes out with brown water."

Washing clothes just makes dirty clothes, dirtier. It's a waste of water, money and time for Freddie and several neighbors on his street.

He says nothing happened when he complained to the city.

Mabton Public Works Director Chris Morris samples and tests the water daily and said the city's water is safe.

Morris explained discolored water can be caused by old or rusted faucets. But Freddie says his shower and sink faucets are used daily.

Without testing Freddie's water, Morris says coming up with a solution is impossible. But after showing him the video proof, he says a solution is on the way.

"It's not good," said Morris. "Very surprising to see that. I've never turned on anything around the city and see stuff pour out like that."

Mabton says safe, healthy water is a top priority and is now working to fix the problem.

Mabton says once water passes through the water meter, it is no longer the city's responsibility. Though, it's not clear where this is happening in the system. KIMA will follow up on the problem.