Beating victim: 'He came into my house and left me for dead'

Beating victim: 'He came into my house and left me for dead'

TACOMA, Wash.-- A Selah man was attacked in his own home by a virtual stranger. It left him with a lifetime of suffering and forced him out of his hometown. The beating was two years ago, but his attacker just went to prison.

He can type, stand, and talk on the phone. But it's been a long two and a half years for Phillip Kennedy.

"They didn't know how long, how long I'd been there," Kennedy said. "But, the whole house was full of blood so I must have been in and out of consciousness trying to do something. I don't know."

Phillip was brutally attacked by this man: Patrick Elledge. It happened back in 2011. Phillip says he'd only met Elledge the day before when they had a property dispute.

"I didn't see him but he hit me and my head was just spinning," he said. "I couldn't see nothing but I heard him say 'I told you what would happen.'"

Now that man is behind bars. Elledge took a plea deal that came with a 15 year prison sentence. Phillip doesn't think that's enough.

"He came into my house and left me for dead, there's no doubt about that," Kennedy said. 

Elledge will serve time for burglary and assault, not attempted murder. Phillip still has brain damage from the attack.

It's not just his mind. His injuries are extensive.

"My hands are numb, my face is numb," he said. "My teeth are still busted from what they busted and I cant get that fixed." 

But now Phillip wants his attacker to know one thing.

"I want him to know that I'm not willing to give up."

He believes others were involved and hopes they will be held responsible, too. Phillip had never lived away from the Yakima Valley, but moved to the westside too scared to stay in his hometown.

"It's real hard because I have a lot of family there," Kennedy said. "A lot of family, a lot of memories and none of them were like this where I felt not even lining to go back there. So, yeah. It's tough."

Tough to come back, from a brutal assault.

Patrick Elledge was also ordered to pay $125,000 in restitution to Phillip Kennedy for medical bills.