Are you sitting next to a sex offender in class?

Are you sitting next to a sex offender in class?
YAKIMA, Wash.-- When it comes to registered sex offenders, you want to keep them away from kids. The law prevents them from living close to schools but they can wind up on a campus. Kids in college might take a class with one and might never know.
Walking the hallways at YVCC, students are focused on making it to class, not that a registered sex offender could be next to them.

"I didn't think about it," said Carlos Martinez, a freshman at YVCC. "I don't think anybody else, it kind of ever crossed their mind like 'oh I wonder if there's sex offenders here.'"

But, it's possible. KIMA found out YVCC has eight sex offenders enrolled this quarter. Two are level two offenders and students have no idea.

"They need an education too," said Freshman Taylor Risley.

YVCC administrators say these students get closer scrutiny. They notify office staff who might come in contact with the offender. Professors are only told if there will be a level two offender in their class. However, the information is not passed on to students.

"They served their time," Martinez said. "So I mean, they're good to go, but just let us know who they are so we just have an idea."

YVCC does set out a very strict set of rules to these registered sex offenders attending college. They can't get anywhere near a gym if kids camps are going on and they can't come within a hundred feet of a child daycare related to the college.

"If I knew, it'd make probably a big difference," said Freshman Zacheri Alexander, who lives near a sex offender. "I probably wouldn't talk to them, but it's better off not knowing."

YVCC has not had a registered sex offender re-offend on campus, or even re-offend while attending school.

KIMA also wanted to know about Central Washington University. We found out six registered sex offenders are enrolled in classes there. Students are not notified either. Both schools recommend going to the sheriff's office for more information on student sex offenders.