Another arrest linked to home burglaries

Another arrest linked to home burglaries »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- There’s been another arrest linked to the home burglaries in Naches Heights, Tieton, Cowiche and West Valley. KIMA found out there's been another arrest. Officers caught the suspected thief in a stolen car around Naches Heights.

Some of you called us to see how you can get back your stolen property. We learned that's not likely because a lot of it was already sold. Some was found in the car today. Deputies will try to get that back to the owners.

"It is very rare that we ever find any of that property or they give it up,” said George Town with the Yakima Sheriff’s Office. “On a rare occasion they do and if we do get that property back we're going to contact those victims right away."

Deputies said some property winds up in pawn shops.