Additions to Franklin Park ready for Spring

YAKIMA, Wash.-- A giant grassroots effort will make Yakima's Franklin Park much better for you and your family. After raising more than $100,000 for upgrades at Franklin Park, the Yakima Rotary went to work this morning. They spent the day building a new playground as well as new picnic shelters.

The changes come after the park's old playground was removed. We're told the new playground will help kids build strength, while still having fun.

"It gives families and the children a place to play," said Southwest Rotary President Wes Morris. "They used to have a playground here that was taken away and we came together to replace it and also give them some shelter for mom and the kids can sit underneath and have a picnic."

The new Pavilion is still in progress at Franklin Park. It should be done by the start of summer.