Fire causes $50k damage to Davis High track equipment

Fire causes $50k damage to Davis High track equipment »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A fire broke out Monday evening at Kumler Field on Cornell Avenue. It caused $40,000 in damage to Davis High School track equipment. The equipment was being stored in a shed. Damage to that structure is estimated at  $10,000.

Fire crews say a halogen light is likely to blame for the fire.

Fire fighters say the burning track equipment gave off chemicals that caused the smoke to turn yellow, which typically indicates it's toxic.

Stephanie Dunsworth lives next door. She said her 5-year-old came running in the house screaming when she saw the flames.

"It was a typical day," Stephanie said. "Just really weird because they just closed up shop."

Stephanie said the fire came close to one of her neighbors homes.

"I was more concerned about the house over, there's a baby that lives in that house," Stephanie said.

Stephanie tells KIMA fire fighters warned neighbors to stay away from the fire because of the strong and unusual smoke.

The fire is under investigation.