More graffiti cameras to catch taggers in the act

More graffiti cameras to catch taggers in the act »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It's another attempt to get graffiti under control. Yakima is adding more cameras to catch taggers in the act. Yakima police tell us the equipment helps.

Whether it's spray paint or paint on a roller, it's a problem that costs time and money to fix.

"See it on houses, mailboxes, cars," said neighbor Jovanny Gutierrez.

Jovanny can't walk down his block without seeing it. Even the pavement he walks on is tagged blue.

"We come outside and we see it right there in morning and we don't know who does it, so we can't do anything," said Jovanny.

But, police can.That's where Officer Jaime Gonzales steps in. He gets a bird's eye view of taggers in the act.

"When we put up a camera, we're going to catch someone right away or the graffiti actually stops," said Gonzales.

It takes time, but Gonzales says the photos helped solve dozens of cases. He hopes for more now that the city is bringing in more cameras.

Some of the new cameras will go to high-traffic areas like the Greenway. The rest scattered around graffiti hot spots in Yakima.

"It will help out a lot so we can find out who is doing it," said Jovanny.

The graffiti cameras run about five to six thousand dollars a piece. Grants paid for most of them.