Yakima police: 3-month-old baby beaten, mom arrested

Yakima police: 3-month-old baby beaten, mom arrested
YAKIMA, Wash. -- A three-month old baby boy is in foster care after police say his mother assaulted him and cracked his skull. Mishaela Lockbeam-Wheeler sits in jail waiting to be arraigned for second-degree assault of a child. The 20-year-old claims it was an accident.

It's a case even seasoned detectives find appalling.

"It takes a toll on detectives because we're talking about a three-month-old baby who certainly doesn't deserve to have anything like that happen," said Yakima Police Captain Rod Light.

Police say Lockbeam brought her baby boy to the hospital with head trauma. He was diagnosed with two skull fractures and a subdural hematoma.

According to court documents, Lockbeam claims the baby fell from a futon when she wasn't looking. But, after doctors found healing rib fractures they determined the injuries were inconsistent with her story.

"There is evidence (the rib fractures) happened some time ago," said Capt. Light.

Detectives searched Lockbeam's home on Queen Avenue where she claims her baby fell. We're told the futon was 13 inches off the ground.
In the affidavit, doctors say that's not tall enough to cause such extensive injuries.

Lockbeam is in jail awaiting an official charge. Her bail set at $1 million.

The three-month old was originally airlifted to a Seattle hospital. Police say he is recovering with a foster family.