Could Skagit Bridge collapse happen in Yakima?

Could Skagit Bridge collapse happen in Yakima? »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Yakima County has very few bridges like the one that collapsed on I-5. However there are 34 considered functionally obsolete. It means those bridges are far more narrow than bridges built today.

County engineers say every bridge in Yakima is safe to drive. However, a lot of them have load restrictions. Engineers say a similar situation is possible if those restrictions aren't followed.

"When I say it could happen, I mean those bridges could be struck by an over-height load," said Yakima County Bridge Engineer, Mark Cleaver. "It shouldn't happen because they have to get a permit and a pilot car. There are lots of things in place to where it shouldn't happen."

We have 12 bridges in Yakima County considered structurally deficient. Those bridges are inspected once a year.