More people finding work in Yakima County

More people finding work in Yakima County
YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. -- Thousands of people across Yakima County are looking or work. Numbers released today have the local unemployment rate at 10.9%. That's actually better than this time last year.

To get a job, you have to be organized, skilled and most of all determined.

"You just got to keep your head up and hope somebody will call you back," said job seeker Alonzo Marquez.

Alonzo has no shortage of determination. Even when nothing seems to be working out.

At WorkSource in Yakima, dozens search for jobs day after day. The good news? Administrator Sondra Pieti says as the weather heats up, so do the jobs.

"Summertime is one of those time for people to re-look at their job search," said Pieti.

Overall, the Yakima County's unemployment rate dropped by a half percentage point in a year. Agriculture jobs, which account for a quarter of Yakima County's workforce, are starting to open along with retail and service jobs.

Another sector seeing some growth is construction. Over the last four years, there's been a decrease in job numbers. But, in the last three months the county has seen more construction jobs added to the work force.

But, what if your skills aren't in construction or farming? Pieti says there are other options. And, WorkSource can help.

"Interviewing skills -- that's one people are most worried about," said Pieti. "Some people, it's their first interview in 20 years."

Alonzo says he'll take all the help he can get. In fact, he says he'll take just about any job he can get.

"Right now, anything," said Alonzo. "Work is work for me."

The highest industry increase was actually in wholesale trade. It increased more than 10 percent. An example of one of those jobs would be working in a fruit packing house.