Yakima continues motel inspections

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YAKIMA, Wash. -- Code officials and Yakima police are cracking down on problem spots on North 1st Street. They told the Yakima Inn it's their last chance to fix their problems.

Yakima police said it's one of the worst motels in the city in terms of number of police calls. They had 163 calls in 2012 and already 30 calls this year.

Code enforcement checked for structural and electrical problems. They inspected the property Tuesday.

It's the first of several motels the city has put on notice. If they don't fix the problem, property owners could face fines or their business being shut down.

Code administration officials said they are taking a more proactive approach as a result of the Yakima citizen survey.
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Continuing coverage of the cleanup effort on North First Street in Yakima. Inspectors took a look at the Motel Six.

They tell us this motel is one of the most well-kept in the area. Code enforcement found very minor violations.

Motels on North First Street have been given warnings. Inspectors say they will follow-up to make sure the problems are addressed.

Yakima is about halfway through with the inspections.