$2 million in street improvements planned for Toppenish

$2 million in street improvements planned for Toppenish
TOPPENISH, Wash. -- The streets of Toppenish are slated to receive over $2 million worth of improvements.

The goal is to improve safety, visibility and accessibility.

The first phase of work will be centered around Dayton Ave and Beech Street. Nearby are dozens of homes and three different schools.

"I kind of like how they're trying to focus on us right now because it's a very small town," Shiala Wolsberger said.

The plan is to add street lights and widen streets and sidewalks.
Also to improve student pathways between schools and cross walks.

The beginning phase will cost about $1.15 million. The city is submitting a request for a $1 million state grant to cover the majority.

Neighbors tell me they're happy to hear about the improvements.

"I think there should be more street lights because it is kind of dark," Marisol Garcias said.

The improvement will be especially appreciated on Dayton Avenue, where there are no sidewalks for blocks and only a handful of street lights.

Toppenish Public Works Officials say the wider streets and sidewalks will make it easier to park near busy schools.

Currently, many of the city's sidewalks remains cracked and in the dark.

"You can barely see if you're walking anywhere or if you're going to walk and trip over a crack. You just never know," Shiala said.

Plans to smooth the streets rough edges--while improving the outlook of those who use them.

The city says it plans to finalize plans this Spring.