Yakima police arrest 10 in prostitution stings

Yakima police arrest 10 in prostitution stings »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Prostitution is one of those common crimes that can run down a neighborhood in a hurry. Yakima is taking direct aim. Police set up sting operations this month in motels along North First Street to catch both prostitutes and their johns.

Bob Corbin is new to this gig. He has three weeks of management under his belt at Rodeway Inn and he is already running a tight ship.

"I walk around two to three times a night making sure there isn't any one here that isn't supposed to be here," said Corbin.

It's one way to cut back on crimes like prostitution. Police tell me it happens all the time in motels along North 1st Street. They tell us pimps and johns rent rooms farthest from the office and out of sight.

Recent prostitution stings on North 1st Street put 10 people behind bars in just two weekends. That's only two fewer arrests then police made in all of 2012. I'm told both prostitutes and johns were targets in the stings carried out by undercover officers. They're another part of the effort to revitalize North 1st Street.

"Let's me know we are heading in the right direction," said Corbin.

And perhaps closer to a cleaner, safer Yakima.

Yakima police say they are educating hotel management and staff as part of the process. Police say that will make managers more aware if prostitution going on under their roof.