Parent on Zaepfel Stadium: 'Electricity is seriously out of date, bathrooms are horrible'

Parent on Zaepfel Stadium: 'Electricity is seriously out of date, bathrooms are horrible' »Play Video
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Parents and teachers are pushing the Yakima School District to do something about Zaepfel Stadium. Plans for a major overhaul stopped when money ran out. Construction for the new high schools came in over budget. Voters say they were promised these upgrades when they voted for the bond.

Parents and students say the problems at the stadium are endless. The 'locker rooms' used for games are located about a football field away from the football field.

"I heard a bunch of (the other players) talking about how crappy (our stadium) is," said Davis sophomore Max Jones.

Student's say they are embarrassed by their stadium's appearance. So are the nearly 100 parents and staff that packed the Eisenhower Little Theater Tuesday night.

"We're here tonight to discuss a vision for Zaepfel Stadium," said Coach Phil English.

English organized the session that focused on the stadium's problems.

"Electricity is seriously out of date, bathrooms are horrible," said dad and volunteer Alfred Colter.

Culter says he's frustrated. He says voters were promised a million dollars worth of improvements. That changed when construction on the new IKE and Davis high schools went over budget.

"When you've invested much of your time, at times you don't feel appreciated as volunteers," said Colter.

The district and school board say they are committed to following through with upgrades, but tell us there is no timeline or money right now.

The three best options include using non-voted debt (A long-term loan,) pulling money from reserves or partnering with Yakima businesses to pay for the project.

"To me, we still have to go out there every Friday and still play," said Davis football player Nikhil Lizotte.

Playing on something that's far from their field of dreams.

The Yakima School District might settle by only doing some of the upgrades. In that case, the Eisenhower track coach says installing a turf field and a new track are the most important.