15-year-old survives gunshot, only to be shot again

15-year-old survives gunshot, only to be shot again

YAKIMA, Wash. -- KIMA has new information on the shooting that left two teenagers in critical condition. It turns out one of the young victims was shot just a few months ago as well.

When a 15-year-old boy is shot, it's always sad and usually unexpected. But in this case, maybe not so unexpected. The 15-year-old shot Tuesday morning was shot on the same block just 10 weeks ago.

The 15-year-old took a bullet to the groin and thigh. He told officers someone wearing all black shot him as he walked home.

"It's sad to have to live a lifestyle like that," said Kenny Switzer, who owns Dependable Radio Services just next door. "Wake up every morning fearing your life. Knowing you might walk down the street and get shot."

He says graffiti and other gang violence is fairly common in the area. That, and not much light in either direction.

"Put some more light up," said neighbor Don Bowen. "Fix some streets on this side of town."

Bowen believes the city, school district and especially parents could have made a difference for this 15-year-old.

"It's called responsibility, old school responsibility," said Bowen.

"He's gotta do a change," said Switzer.  "I mean I hope he survives, but..."

But, police say he could lose his life -- a short one, consumed by gang violence.

Police still don't have anyone in custody.

They say the 17-year-old remains in a Seattle trauma center. The 15-year-old shot in the head is in critical condition after surgery and could be transferred to Seattle as well.