$34.5 million cut from state mental health services

$34.5 million cut from state mental health services
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Demand is high for mental health services, but people who need them are finding it harder to get help. In fact, Washington state cut mental health funding by more than $34.5 million since 2009. That's about 11 percent.

It translates into hundreds of thousands less going to Central Washington mental health centers. Professionals here in Yakima say it makes it hard to help families that can't afford it.

There are no longer any free services.

"We do have crisis services and those are free to anyone who needs them, but those are pretty limited," said Vice President of Central Washington Mental Health Paul Nagle-McNaughton.

Washington ranks 14th in the country for the largest financial percentage cut from mental health. Alaska had the largest cuts. Oregon had the least.