Yakima mom on shooting: 'I'm thinking this could be my child, my baby'

Yakima mom on shooting: 'I'm thinking this could be my child, my baby'
YAKIMA, Wash. -- It doesn't matter how far we are away from something like the Connecticut massacre, it hits us close to home. That's definitely the case here in Yakima. The kids might wonder why they're getting hugged a little more tonight.

A mother's love grew stronger Friday. Each new detail, each new picture, chills mother Pita Martinez.

"I'm just wow, so heartbroken," said Pita.

A mother of two, across the country from the violence, yet so close to those suffering in Connecticut.

Her son, Sean, 8 years old is in elementary school.

"I'm thinking this could be my child, my baby," said Pita.

Tears filled eyes across our valley. Melissa Montgomery is mom to a kindergartner in Union Gap. A school known for its security. It has more than 60 surveillance cameras and each door is locked, with the exception of the front door leading into the office. That door requires an ID and name tag before entering the school.

Still, Melissa can't help but let fear creep in.

"I want to hold him in bed with me now," said Melissa. "I don't even want him to come.

Pita, too, struggled with fear and a harsh reality.

"These are things that no matter how safe school it, you just can't prevent it," said Pita. "who would have known? It could happen...anywhere."

The Yakima School District issued a statement expressing sympathy for the families in Connecticut.