Yakima parents not buckling their kids correctly in car seat

Yakima parents not buckling their kids correctly in car seat »Play Video
When it comes to keeping the kids safe in the car, it should be simple. Buckle them up in the special car seat and your set. But, it's not going down that way here in Yakima.

For most moms, kids are their most precious cargo.

And while experienced mom, Sally Pierone would never claim to be perfect, buckling her kids properly is not an option.

"If you're going to have children, then it's your responsibility to keep them safe," said Pierone. "And taking the two minutes it is to buckle them in a car seat is, well, there's just no excuse for it."

For hundreds in Yakima County, an excuse didn't work. On state roads, 430 people got tickets this year for not restraining their child properly. That's up by about 100 tickets from last year.

Nikki Saldino teaches safety courses for YPD. She says the process should become habit. She says education is key.

In 2008, an unrestrained toddler was killed in Sunnyside. It's a horrific mistake Sally says is inexcusable. Especially when every car seat comes with instructions.

"It is your responsibility as a parent to take the time to buckle them in properly," said Pierone.

Getting caught will cost you $124. We learned YPD could void the ticket if you come back with a receipt and prove you bought a proper car seat.

It's also important to know car seats have an expiration date. If you buy a used one, check to make sure it's not too old by checking with the manufacturer.