16 structures destroyed in Snag Canyon Fire

16 structures destroyed in Snag Canyon Fire »Play Video
KITTITAS COUNTY, Wash. -- Damage is climbing from the Snag Canyon Fire in Kittitas County. Progress is slow for the firefighters trying to control it.

Six homes have been destroyed along with 10 other buildings. Hundreds of firefighters are there with more on the way. Commanders on the ground say the fire has grown to about 1,930 acres and is 10 percent contained.

Nearly 200 homes have been evacuated in the Sun East development and neighborhoods southeast of the fire.

Kittitas County deputies are helping people get to their homes if they're not under direct orders to leave. That's only if they can make sure no one is in the way of the fire.

Reg Ross lives a quarter mile from where the fire is burning. He was evacuated Saturday night.

"They forced me out of my house,” said Reg. “They were going to wrestle me down if I didn't leave."

Reg saw the lightning strike that started the Snag Canyon Fire.

"The lightning was scary,” said Reg. “It was about that wide, just came down."

Melody Burtchett also saw the lightning from her home. She lives three miles away from the fire.

Melody hasn't been forced to leave, but authorities told her she should evacuate. Right now, she's getting ready just in case.

"It was getting close that we were getting a little concerned,” said Melody. “We started packing up stuff."

Kittitas County authorities confirm the fire already destroyed 16 buildings. Six of them homes. The rest are outbuildings.

"Other people that did lose their home, I really feel for them because you are lost without your home,” said Reg. “You'll go look to use something that's not there, it's burnt."

"It's surreal knowing that it causes a lot of damage to homes, lives," said Melody.

A shelter is open for anyone who evacuates. That's at the Mercer Creek Church in Ellensburg. There is also an emergency shelter for livestock and other animals at the Kittitas County Fairgrounds.