10 businesses owe Yakima County total of $850,000

10 businesses owe Yakima County total of $850,000 »Play Video

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash.-- Paying taxes is the law; a law some people don't follow. KIMA filed a public records request to find out who's skipping out in Yakima County.

Sales, business and utility taxes: all things that have to be paid, but some businesses fall behind. KIMA pulled the numbers for the ten businesses that owe the most money to Yakima County.

One stands alone far above the rest. That business owner's name is Yadira Sandoval. She owns a few of the Boost Mobile stores around Yakima and has racked up more than half a million dollars. That's more than the other nine in the top ten combined. Sandoval wasn't there when KIMA went to her store, but we spoke with her on the phone to find out why she's so far behind.

"You're the most by more than $400,000 so I was just trying to give you a chance to say anything that you might want to say," a KIMA reporter said. 

She told us "the fact that you're saying half a million dollars won't change anything. I'm aware of it and I'm taking care of it."

But, the Washington State Department of Revenue tells me that's not true. These are only businesses that haven't worked out a payment plan or filed bankruptcy.
Casey Thaxton owns Comfort Pros Heating and Air Conditioning. He is the second most delinquent business owner in Yakima County owing more than $86,000.

KIMA went to the home of the third most delinquent business owner in Yakima County. Tony and Kathy Bertram made it impossible for visitors to knock on the door. They've owed $60,000.since 2007.

Next is Ramon Reynoso at $50,000. No one answered the door at the address provided by the state.

Thad Honsinger owns Honsinger Painting in Yakima. His outstanding tax balance is more than $43,000.     

Here are the other five. Double Barrel Bar and Grill owes almost $26,000. Alfonso G Martinez: $14,000. Followed by Tuscan Sands LLC, $12,965.38, and the owners of 'A Handy Man' Inc, $10,731.40.

No answers from business owners. Their total balance due to Yakima County: $850,000. KIMA also tried calling these business owners for days to get their side. No calls were returned.

Again, these are all businesses that don't have a payment plan to handle their tax debt and haven't filed for bankruptcy.


EDITOR'S NOTE: We looked at businesses that are delinquent on taxes owed to Yakima County. We showed the location of the former Double Barrel Bar and Grill. That spot is now known as DB Bar and Grill. To make it clear, the new owners at that location are not delinquent in any taxes. It's the Double Barrel folks who still owe Yakima County.