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Yakima sees surge in stolen cars

Yakima sees surge in stolen cars
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YAKIMA POLICE DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE -- In the last month, the Yakima Police Department (“YPD”) has noted a significant increase in auto theft reports. Most of the reports involve vehicles located east of 16th Avenue which were stolen during overnight hours.

Honda models account for about 50% of all vehicles reported stolen in March.  Hondas have an ignition style that makes them more vulnerable to theft.

The YPD has made numerous arrests recently in response to the increase in stolen vehicle reports.   However, the trend seems to be continuing.

The YPD needs the community’s help by making it more difficult for thieves to steal vehicles.  The YPD urges vehicle owners, particularly owners of Hondas, to take extra precautions to protect their property.  The YPD recommends that all vehicles be parked inside secured garages if possible.  If keeping vehicles in a garage is not possible, using extra security devices such as steering wheel locking devices is strongly encouraged.

“Everyone can significantly decrease the possibility that their car will be stolen by just following a common sense approach,” said Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi.  “Almost half the cars stolen in our state have keys left in them by their owners.  Almost half of the cars stolen are unlocked,” said Rizzi.  “If we can make it harder for thieves to steal cars, fewer cars will be stolen.” 

Additional vehicle theft prevention tips can be found on the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority website.

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