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Make Jim Niedelman anchor the news with purple hair

Make Jim Niedelman anchor the news with purple hair
KIMA news anchor Jim Niedelman will dye his hair and do the news with it if he raises $10,000 for the 2014 Relay for Life.
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YAKIMA, Wash. -- It’s your chance to make me look foolish on TV. Ok, more foolish than you already think I look. Do I have your attention? Here’s why I’m willing to do it and how to make it happen.

I was six years old when I first heard the word cancer. I didn’t know what it was, only that it was bad. And, my grandmother had it.

She had pancreatic cancer, one of the worst forms of the disease. At the time, treatment wasn’t anywhere near where it is today. She had surgery and chemotherapy, but died a couple of years later. Yes, cancer is bad! I wasn’t old enough to understand how bad then.

Now that I’m far beyond six years old, I know more about cancer’s reach. And, I know a lot more people touched by it – friends and family. Some who’ve passed on, some survivors and some who are courageously fighting it today. My mother survived skin cancer. My father survived prostate cancer.

The toughest fight I saw was the one that involved my stepmother. She had tongue cancer and battled it for eight years before she couldn’t fight anymore. She knew she was dying at the end, but she never stopped doing the things she loved. She kept her sense of humor, but she was honest. During her last year with us, she said one thing to me plain and simple that I’ll never forget – “Cancer sucks!”  

Those two words ring true to anyone who’s fought the disease directly or supported a loved one through the fight.

It’s why I’m asking for your help. During my years as a journalist, I’ve lived all over the country. One of the constants I’ve seen in these places is the Relay for Life. People who are passionate about finding a cure organize this wonderful community event to raise money for research, lodging for cancer patients and their families during treatment, education, transportation to treatment and so much more.

That dedication is what motivated me to join the organizing committee for Yakima’s event when I moved here. So, here’s the deal.

If I raise $10,000 by June 19th, 2014, I will dye my hair purple and do the news with it the Friday before this year’s relay and the Monday after it. Why purple? It’s the official color of the Relay for Life and the symbol of hope. I’ll dye it another color if there’s an overwhelming push for something more outrageous.

I know times are tough for a lot of you. Anything you can give can help give someone with cancer more birthdays. It can be $100, $20, $10, $5 or even $1. If all of our Facebook fans give just $1, you will easily have one funny looking news anchor!!!

What do you think out there in Yakima and Kittitas Counties? Here’s a link to where you can donate to turn my hair purple or whatever crazy color you want. Click on "Donate Now" and we're on our way!

Think of it as an opportunity to honor someone you love. Send me a note with your stories to jim@kimatv.com.  I’d love to hear them. This is something we do together.

It takes all of us to Finish the Fight!


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