Jim & Alan take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Jim & Alan take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge »Play Video

YAKIMA, Wash. -- Let's just say Alan and I were glad Tuesday was a warm day in Yakima. We got soaked taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

I started plotting how we would do it when someone from the local ALS organization encouraged me to do it. I waited because I had to drag Alan into it and he was on vacation.

So, we took the plunge! And, while I knew it would be very cold, it wasn't as painful as I thought it might be. I've seen the videos on Facebook from some of my friends and how they reacted so dramatically, I was a little concerned.

It's a fun way to do some good and raise awareness for a good cause that honestly hasn't received a lot of attention in terms of fundraising until now.

I challenged my two best men from my wedding to do the same. One of them already did. I also challenged our radio partners at Radio Yakima to do it. Specifically, Dewey Boynton and Charlie Brooks from the Good Morning Gang on KXDD as well as Brian Stephenson and Lou Bartelli known as The Waking Crew on Cherry FM.

Alan doled out a challenge to Dave Edler, the former Mariner's third basemen and former Yakima mayor.