Man involved in car chase fatally shot by YPD officer

Man involved in car chase fatally shot by YPD officer
YAKIMA, Wash. -- Interstate 82 was shut down for hours this weekend as police investigated the third deadly officer-involved shooting in Yakima County this year. A 24-year-old man involved in a car chase was killed.

It started on South Fair Avenue. A YPD officer saw someone driving recklessly. The officer pulled the driver over in a driveway. That's when police say the driver tried to flee and rammed into the police car.

"When I woke up this morning getting ready to go to church, I had a gut feeling something was wrong," said Andres Dominguez-Recio, best friend of the man shot.

The suspect fled on Fair Avenue then got on the I-82 ramp. He got off at the Nob Hill exit, then immediately got back on the interstate.

At one point, several police cars were chasing the suspect. Markings showed where that suspect went off the road.

The suspect then turned onto the median and got stuck on rocks. When he was able to free himself, he rammed into the police cars again. That's when a YPD officer fired several shots at the car.

Andres Dominguez-Recio came to pay his respects at the scene where his best friend was shot.

"He was a real good friend of mine,” said Andres. “It's like a punch in the gut."

After shots were fired, the suspect tried taking off again but was eventually stopped by a wire barrier. Officers surrounded his car and he was taken into custody.

The suspect had at least one gunshot wound and died at the hospital.

Andres says he still can't believe it.

"I couldn't believe that this was a guy I grew up with, never expected him to do anything like this,” said Andres. “He wasn't that kind of person."

The officer involved in the shooting has been placed on administrative leave. An autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow.